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New Child Booster Seat Rules Are Just Weeks Away16th Feb 2017

by Adrian Cormack on 16th Feb 2017

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Child booster seats save the most precious lives of all in a car crash.

But how safe is the booster seat you bought for your child? There’s only one way to know for sure and we hope you never have to find out.Adrian Cormack, Partner, head of the Personal Injury Department at Coles Miller Solicitors, Poole

New Rules: Who Is Affected?

Next month the rules on child booster seats are changing – and only 13 per cent of parents understand them (according to a survey).

From March 1, manufacturers will no longer be able to sell new models of backless booster seats for children shorter than 125cm or weighing less than 22kg.

On paper this means parents can still use any existing backless seats that comply with the current rules.

But we recommend you buy a new one.

Why You Should Buy A New Child Booster Seat Right Now

As road accident solicitors we would urge you to do better than simply comply with the rules.

Ditch your old backless booster seat – even if it’s still legal. Buy a new child seat with a back that offers more protection. 

And don’t just buy the first one you see. Look carefully at the specifications. Get the best one you can for your child. 

These new rules are not being introduced for the sake of it. They’re coming in because child seats (as opposed to backless booster seats) are proven to provide better protection in side impact crashes.

Our personal injury solicitors can tell you a lot about the broken bones and soft tissue damage that result from side impact crashes. Especially in older cars that don’t have side airbags.

And research from around the world shows that side impacts can be particularly serious compared with other car crashes. Side impact victims often suffer neck and head injuries.

You don’t need me tell you how important an issue this is. 

But a little extra encouragement never does any harm!

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