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New PSC Register Rules Now In Force

Posted on Wednesday 13th April 2016 by Mark Howell

Amid all the uproar over the Panama Papers, you might have missed another story about declaring who owns what and where.

But it’s required reading if you’re a company owner, shareholder or business partner.Mark Howell - Poole commercial solicitor at Coles Miller

As of April 6 2016, most legal entities are now required to create and maintain a register of ‘people with significant control’ (a PSC register).

Any person (or company) that holds more than a 25 per cent interest in the entity concerned must be recorded in the PSC register.

And if nobody holds such an interest, a statement to that effect must be included.

Most companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) will be obliged to set up a PSC register. Expert legal advice is essential because you must use the prescribed wording within the document.

Breach of an obligation under the PSC regime by the directors or any other person who should be recorded in the register is likely to result in criminal liability. Offenders may be subject to imprisonment or a fine (or both).

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