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Rugby Concussion - And What You Can Do About It7th Apr 2015

Concussion forced Cardiff Blues rugby player Rory Watts-Jones to retire from the sport. He has now revealed that he could not remember his last game.Crispin Cormack Solicitor Coles Miller

Northampton winger George North is due to see a neurosurgeon after being knocked unconscious three times in a matter of months.

The world of rugby is well aware that concussion is not something which can be shrugged off as an occupational hazard.

Concussion is a brain injury. It should always be treated with the high degree of caution and respect that this demands.

Coles Miller’s personal injury solicitors have specialist expertise in dealing with serious head and brain injury cases at a national level. We help victims from all over the country. Find out more here.

We are also extremely passionate about rugby – personal injury litigation executive Crispin Cormack has played the sport at international level and is a former director of rugby at Bournemouth Rugby Club.

Reports of rugby concussion nationally are increasing as awareness spreads. In 2013-14, English rugby had 86 reported cases – a 59 per cent rise the previous season.

At Coles Miller we applaud and support the RFU’s safety campaign to protect players from concussion – the ‘four Rs’:

  • Recognise the symptoms – such as loss of consciousness, convulsions, loss of balance, unsteadiness, vomiting, confusion, memory loss
  • Remove the injured player from the field of play
  • Recover – ensure the player gets the appropriate medical care and rests for at least 14 days before playing again
  • Return – help the player to ease back into the game safely using the graduated return protocol.

Rugby is a team game. Everyone has a part to play in ensuring that players look after each other and stay safe.

Are you a rugby player worried about injuries you have sustained? A coach or official concerned about the welfare of players?

For expert legal advice on rugby concussion and Post-concussion Syndrome, contact Coles Miller litigation executive Crispin Cormack, 01202 673011.

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