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Spring Surge In Service Charge Disputes

Posted on Monday 10th March 2014 by Matthew Lewis

Spring has sprung: lambs are arriving, the daffodils are in bloom – and we’re seeing the usual rise in service charge disputes.Matthew Lewis - Solicitor, Coles Miller

But this year there’s an extra sting in the tail…the weather.

Britain’s wettest winter since 1766 has damaged property, resulting in some unexpected and very unpleasant bills for leasehold tenants.

And with the economy still in green shoots mode rather than full bloom, budgets are still tight so some wallets remain firmly shut.

Which is no comfort to landlords struggling to collect ground rents and maintenance payments.

Non-payment or delayed payment of service charges is an age-old problem for landlords.

But it’s important and in everyone’s interests that landlords are paid promptly so they can start work as soon as possible on any repairs caused by the latest spate of bad weather.

Everyone knows that a stitch in time saves nine – especially where water penetration is concerned. Leaks do not fix themselves.

This is less of an issue where the property has a sinking fund written into the lease but not every block does.

Here at Coles Miller we are looking at new ways to help landlords tackle the problem of disputed and unpaid service charges – both in terms of basic debt recovery and more stringent legal action.

For more information, contact Coles Miller Solicitor Matthew Lewis, 01202 293226.

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