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Whiplash Compensation Claims: Do Not Accept A Pre-Medical Offer26th Aug 2014

Getting specialist personal injury legal advice is always important if you’ve suffered a whiplash injury – but never more so than now.Simon Steele-Williams - Partner, Coles Miller

That’s because the government has just backtracked on the important issue of pre-medical offers by insurers.

And it could cost you money.

In a bid to deter fraudulent claims, the Ministry of Justice had been expected to ban insurers from offering a quick settlement before the claimant had undergone a proper medical.

But the government’s U-turn means that insurers will still be able to make these pre-medical offers.

And as highly experienced whiplash compensation claims solicitors, we can tell you that any pre-medical offers will almost certainly be too low. The insurers are simply trying to buy you off cheaply.

So never accept a pre-medical offer from an insurer.

Insurers argue that removing their right to settle early would have increased their costs and pushed up premiums.

But pre-medical offers can allow fraudulent claims to sneak through while some genuine cases go under-compensated.

Which means that honest victims suffering from extremely painful whiplash injuries may not get the proper care and treatment they need to make a full recovery.

If you have settled for too little compensation and now regret it, all is not lost. You may still be able to claim a fair and more realistic payout if you were misadvised.

To find out more about claiming compensation for accident injuries, contact Coles Miller Partner Simon Steele-Williams, 01202 293226.

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