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Why Injury Prevention Week Is More Important Than Ever4th Aug 2021

by Adrian Cormack on 4th Aug 2021

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Pedestrian Deaths In Road Accidents

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable of road users, particularly if they are young children or are elderly. The accident statistics make very grim reading.

Last year 355 pedestrians died on British roads. They accounted for 24% of road deaths – making them the second highest risk category after motorists.

Pedestrian fatalities outnumbered all the motorcyclist and cyclist deaths last year and over 4,000 pedestrians were seriously injured on British roads in 2020.

This is why Coles Miller is so keen to support Injury Prevention Week, organised by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). We see the appalling injuries that pedestrians suffer, even when they are hit at low speeds. 

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Vital Road Safety Tips

If you’re old enough to remember the Tufty Club road safety campaign (1953 onwards), then it may have been some time since you last brushed up on your Green Cross Code.

Take a few minutes to view the latest version of RoSPA’s Green Cross Code. These important road safety tips can mean the difference between arriving safely or not at all.

And don’t just focus on the main five points (as good they are). Read the excellent advice in the Pedestrian Training section too. It explains how parents and carers can help to instill these important road safety messages in children – so they remember them and cross safely every time.

Injury Prevention Week (2-6 August 2021)

What used to be a day-long campaign has now been extended to a week. That’s because the number of pedestrian fatalities each year has remained worryingly high since 2009.

This year APIL is shining a spotlight on the need for people to take care of each other and use their common sense. Failure to look after other people can result in shattered lives, broken families, needless pain and suffering – all of which can be avoided.

How We’re Helping An Injured Pedestrian: £32,500 Paid Out So Far

Coles Miller is acting on behalf of a Bournemouth mother-of-three who suffered horrific injuries after she was knocked down by a drunk driver.

The victim, now aged 38, had been crossing Boscombe Overcliff Drive late at night when she was hit by a Honda Civic.

The motorist drove off but was later caught by police and subsequently convicted of driving with excess alcohol, dangerous driving and failing to stop after an accident.

Our client suffered severe injuries including a skull fracture, a bleed on the brain, fractured pelvis, fractured spinal vertebrae, a broken left shoulder, cuts and bruises. Her brain injury means she has also lost her senses of taste and smell.

We are suing the driver’s insurance company. So far, the insurer has paid out £32,500 in interim damages. Further payments are expected, pending future reports from medical experts.

We have recently received a report from a Neuropsychologist who has concluded that the client’s memory impairment will prevent her from returning to paid employment. The value of the final claim could be several hundred thousand pounds.

Have You Been Injured In A Road Accident?

Pedestrians hit by vehicles at any speed almost always sustain injuries. Broken bones and soft tissue injuries are common. 

Some injuries – particularly those to the head, brain and spine – can be life-changing. And even some less severe injuries can have long-term effects. A broken wrist or ankle may never feel quite the same again; you may always have a weakness there.

But you don’t have to suffer in silence. Get justice and a formal apology – claim compensation for your treatment, care, rehabilitation and damaged property.

You can also claim for loss of earnings if you’re forced to take time off work; this is particularly important if you are self-employed. Claim too for other associated costs such as trips to hospital and parking.

Make A No Win No Fee Claim 

Our road accident solicitors handle all injury accident claims on a No Win No Fee basis – so there’s no financial risk to you. Find out more here.

Get expert legal advice from Coles Miller personal injury lawyer Adrian Cormack for more information about claiming compensation for road accidents.

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