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Why We Support The Race For Life2nd Jun 2017

by Ruth Elkins on 2nd Jun 2017

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There are many reasons for supporting Cancer Research UK’s Race For Life but each comes down to one essential truth.

It’s because we have lost someone incredibly precious to us. Or we are going through the agony of losing someone special. Or we know someone who is suffering.

And we want to stop it happening to someone else. We want to stop cancer.

We want humanity to consign cancer to history as it has succeeded in doing with so many other diseases that were once commonplace.

That’s why – as an official Race For Life sponsor – Coles Miller will be supporting 6,500 runners taking part in Bournemouth’s and Poole’s events on June 11, 17 and 18 2017.

Together those wonderful women aim to raise more than £339,000 for medical research to help beat cancer.

More than 20 of us at Coles Miller will be directly involved – either as runners, volunteer marshals or cheerleaders.

Some will be from our team of medical solicitors. They provide direct help for families affected by cancer.

Virtually all these victims share a tragic common bond: their cancers were diagnosed too late due to human error.

They or their families contact us because they want to stop the same thing happening to other people.

They want to know what went wrong at the hospital or GP surgery. They want an apology – plus assurances that the error will never be repeated.

Actually, they want more than simple assurances. They want confirmation that NHS protocols will be changed to ensure greater patient safety.

Together we go through those improved protocols to ensure the NHS’s promised changes are set out in writing. So they make a real difference at the frontline.

Humanity’s battle against cancer is not a hopeless struggle. Fifty per cent of people who get cancer will now survive for 10 or more years.

That is because the medical professional is getting better at diagnosing and treating cancer – thanks to all the research funded by charity, thanks to all the fundraisers who made that possible.

Thanks to people like you.

To help Coles Miller raise funds for Cancer UK’s Race For Life in Bournemouth and Poole, please see our sponsorship page.

For more information, please contact Coles Miller Partner Ruth Elkins, a residential conveyancing solicitor (and keen charity fundraiser) at our Broadstone office, 01202 355698.