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Worrying Rise In Accident At Work Compensation Claims12th Oct 2016

by Adrian Cormack on 12th Oct 2016

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A construction worker working on scaffolding six storeys up plunges to his death.

His foreman witnesses the horrific accident – and suffers post traumatic stress.Personal injury solicitor Adrian Cormack, a Partner at Coles Miller Solicitors LLP, Poole

A cabinetmaker slices off all four fingers on his right hand. The guard on his bench saw was not good enough. His bosses had not given him proper safety training.

Our personal injury solicitors are seeing an increase in workplace accident compensation claims from all over the UK – at a time when they should be falling.

This is the 21st century. Accidents like this should not be happening. But still they do.

And it’s not just accidents. Industrial disease claims its victims too. Ill health or disability forced one in eight workers to leave work within five years of retirement, a TUC report last month showed.

Low paid manual workers are twice as likely as managers to stop work for health reasons. Especially those in the north, says the TUC.

Every case is a tragedy that affects not just the worker but also his or her entire family. They have to somehow make ends meet before the main breadwinner’s pension payments kick in.

So claiming damages is not just a matter of getting justice: it is a financial necessity to compensate them for loss of earnings, loss of livelihood. They may never work again.

Hard manual labour wears out the human body. It is an undeniable fact. Do you really think your back will cope with all that heavy lifting at the age of 64?

Almost certainly not. At some point, injury will inevitably take its toll.

And if your employer is to blame, you do not have to suffer in silence. You can take do something about it.

You can take legal action – No Win No Fee. There is no financial risk to you. Even in the unlikely event of you losing your claim.

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* This month is #OSHtober (October 1-31, 2016) – RoSPA’s campaign annual month-long campaign to improve workplace safety, especially for those working at height.

Last year (2015/6) 144 people were killed at work – seven per cent lower than the five-year average but two more deaths than in 2014/15. 

Coles Miller is supporting RoSPA’s #OSHtober campaign. We urge employers and employees everywhere to think about workplace safety and what you can do to improve it.

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