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Bournemouth Borough Council Core Strategy Adopted2nd Nov 2012

by on 2nd Nov 2012


Planning 1The Core Strategy was formally adopted by the Council on 30th October 2012 and forms a part of the new Local Plan for Bournemouth. A number of the old policies within the Bournemouth District Wide Local Plan (2002) remain in force for the time being. Perhaps two of the most important changes to planning policy relate to tourism uses and Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

The Council has now adopted a Borough-wide policy (CS29) aimed at protecting tourist facilities outside of the historic tourism core areas of the town. From now on, any planning application for change of use from a hotel to another use, such as residential, will need to prove that the tourism facility is no longer viable. This will need to include evidence of a marketing campaign for at least the last 12 months.

There will also be new policy tests for planning applications involving HMOs (CS24). For all change of use applications from a single dwellinghouse to a HMO an analysis of the immediate surrounding area will need to show that no more than 10% of residential properties are in HMO use. The definition of the immediate surrounding area is complex but includes a distance of 100 metres from the application site within the same, and adjacent, road frontages. However the wording of CS24 would suggest that a change of use from a hotel to a HMO would not be caught by the policy.

The Core Strategy can now be afforded full weight by decision makers for planning applications and planning appeals. To discuss in more detail please contact James Cain in the Coles Miller Planning Department to see how it impacts upon you, your property or business.

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