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Coles Miller's £250,000 Leg Amputation Compensation Claim Victory10th Nov 2016

by on 10th Nov 2016


Coles Miller Solicitors in Poole have helped a medical negligence victim to gain £250,000 compensation after part of her right leg had to be amputated.

The 59-year-old social club stewardess from Stockton-On-Tees sued her GP after he failed to diagnose her condition in time – even though her foot had already turned blue.amputation compensation solicitor David Simpson, a Partner at Coles Miller in Poole, Dorset

She had been suffering from Critical Ischaemia which cut off the blood supply to her leg. 

Symptoms of the condition include the skin turning first blue then black, ulcers, tissue death and gangrene.

Critical Ischaemia requires urgent hospital admission but the victim’s GP failed to refer her to a surgeon in time – despite this being mandated on three occasions.

The victim’s foot was already blue when she first saw her GP. He could not find a pulse in her leg and asked her to return for an ultrasound test in three days’ time.

That test showed no pulse on the top of her right foot and barely any on the side. A vascular appointment was made for two weeks’ time but then cancelled by the GP.

Over the next two weeks the victim made further visits to her GP for more tests but he concentrated his treatment on her chest and abdomen. He prescribed antibiotics.

By the 28th day the victim’s right foot had turned black and had begun to smell. She saw another doctor who suspected gangrene and referred her urgently to hospital.

But by then it was too late – the patient’s foot could not be saved. Her right leg was amputated below the knee. 

She sued her GP with the help of Coles Miller Solicitors Partner David Simpson, head of the firm’s Clinical Negligence Department.

Mr Simpson said: “This is a medical tragedy which should never have happened. Our client suffered life-changing injuries because her GP failed to act promptly.”

He paid tribute to the help of barrister Hamish Dunlop of 3 Paper Buildings in securing the £250,000 settlement.

For more information, please contact Coles Miller Partner David Simpson, 01202 355695.