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Solar Panel Leases

Solar Panel Leases in Bournemouth and around Dorset

Our conveyancing solicitors will advise on solar panels

If you are considering placing solar panels on the roof of your house you may want to speak to Coles Miller Solicitors to take some advice before signing anything.

The offer of solar panels can be very attractive, as a home owner, you would get free electricity and can export surplus power to the electricity provider, resulting in lower bills and a potential increase in property value. The installer provides the equipment at his expense and, in return, keeps the income from the Government Feed-in-Tariffs (FiT) and retains ownership of the equipment.

There are good and bad operators in this arena and some very one-sided leases circulating which you should have checked before agreeing to sign. As the equipment is going on your roof, a lease is needed to rent the space to the solar panel company and to regulate the ongoing relationship between you and that company. The company will want the arrangements to stay in place for 25 years to ensure maximum pay-back on their installation costs and to ensure it can claim the full amount of FiT income. The lease will need to cover important aspects such as maintenance and repair of the roof, repair of the equipment, upgrading the equipment, damage, insurance, not allowing trees to block sunlight to the panels and rights of access among other things.

A properly negotiated lease will cover all these issues - and many others - fairly, but you should be wary when presented with what are described as 'non-negotiable standard documents' by any company wanting to install the panels on your roof. Obtaining proper and timely advice is vital.

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