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Care Home Funding

Care Home Costs and Funding

Get Legal Advice On Funding For Care Home Fees

Funding long term care for the elderly is one of the greatest challenges facing your family today.

As more people live longer, cash-strapped councils are becoming less able to pay for nursing home fees - despite having a legal obligation to care for the elderly.

So pensioners face having to sell their homes or borrow money to pay for care: leaving their children and grandchildren with little or no inheritance.

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Care Home Funding Rules

The rules governing council funding for care home places can be complex.

They can involve social services assessments and also benefits such as Income Support, Pension Credit, Attendance Allowance and the Registered Nursing Care Contribution.

But the key factor is whether you own assets (including your home) worth more than £23,250.

If so, the local authority can refuse to pay your nursing or rest home fees - even if you exceed the £23,250 threshold by just a small amount.

But there are ways of ringfencing some of your assets to protect them from the cost of care fees.

One method for couples is a Property Trust Will. It helps husbands and wives to provide for each other when one of them passes away.

Why You Need Legal Advice On Paying For Care

Some people try to avoid the £23,250 threshold by giving away their assets to family and friends. In some instances they have been persuaded to do so by relatives.

But councils can very strict. They can refuse to pay care home fees from the public purse if they believe a family is trying to hide assets to qualify for funding.

In extreme cases, this can leave elderly people with no assets - and no hope of receiving local authority funding for their care.

This is why it pays to get legal advice from solicitors who specialise in wills and trusts and have extensive experience of helping older clients and their families.

Our lawyers are members of Solicitors for the Elderly. Coles Miller is also officially accredited as Dementia Friendly by the Alzheimer’s Society.

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Planning ahead is vital when it comes to care home funding - the longer you leave it, the fewer choices you may have under local authority rules.

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