Wills, Tax and Trusts solicitors dealing with setting up a charity in Dorset

There are a lot of very good reasons why people decide to set up a new charity.

In order to do so, the proposed charity must take a distinctive legal form and, to qualify as a charity, it must provide benefit to the public rather than to a specific individual. It is vital, therefore, for the aims, purposes or objectives of the proposed charity to be set out in appropriate form that the law recognises as exclusively charitable.

In addition, there are several forms that the charity can take:

  • it could be a charitable trust run by the trustees;
  • it could be an unincorporated association operated by trustees appointed by the members of the association;
  • it could be a limited company operated by the directors of the company.

The form chosen will depend on the overall intentions for the proposed new charity.

It may also be necessary to register the charity with the Charity Commission.

A registered charity will usually be given a special tax status and benefit from a number of tax exemptions and reliefs.

However, registered charities have to obey a number of rules and regulations set out in charity law and those that are registered as companies have to comply with company law too.

We, at Coles Miller, are able to help you choose the right form for your new charity and prepare the appropriate document for you. We can also apply to register the charity on your behalf.

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