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Claims Against Professional Advisers

Professional Negligence Claims

Disputes & Litigation solicitors dealing with Claims Against Professional Advisers in Dorset

Bearing in mind the complex and varied issues that professionals are routinely asked to advise on it is not surprising that from time to time problems arise.  Coles Miller are well equipped to deal with disputes arising where professional advisers have failed to act or advise fully and correctly or advised negligently.

Claims are brought against professionals such as surveyors, architects, accountants, solicitors, legal advisers, financial advisers and medical professionals.

In fact it is generally possible to pursue any person who has provided advice in a professional capacity and where negligent advice has led to loss on the part of the client/person who relied on the professional advice.

Such claims are routinely pursued against professional indemnity insurers although it is possible in certain circumstances to deal with complaints through the Complaints Service/Ombudsman for one or other of the governing bodies covering the respective profession.

Early assessment of potential claims should be carried out and it should be noted that the court rules require parties to disputes to comply with protocol for exchanging information about the claims prior to any proceedings being issued.

In appropriate claims we may be prepared to consider “no win no fee” funding arrangements (Conditional Fee Agreement).

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