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Birth Injury Claim – Mother And Baby

Giving birth can be an emotional experience. The rush to the hospital, the contractions, the breathing – it can be exciting and worrying at the same time. During the birth the medical professionals assisting you should remain calm, collected at all times and be sensitive to the mother’s needs.

Childbirth in the UK is now safer than ever before. Advances in medical science mean that most problems are now foreseeable long before they have an impact on the safety of a mother or her baby. Unfortunately, when something does go wrong it can be devastating and result in lifelong issues for you and your baby.

Common Birth Injuries

For Baby

For Mother

  • Perineal tears
  • Incorrectly performed Episiotomies
  • Mistakes in suturing or Episiotomies
  • Fissures
  • Injuries resulting from a Caesarean section or failing to recognise damage at the time
  • Retained swabs
  • Anaesthetic errors
  • Errors managing pre-eclampsia

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Making A Claim

At Coles Miller we understand this is an extremely traumatic time of your life. We treat all our clients sympathetically and sensitively, making sure that all your questions are answered so you can focus on recovery.

All our birth injury claims are handled by the head of our Medical Negligence Department, David Simpson.

Should I Sue The NHS For Medical Negligence?

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