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No Win, No Fee and The Process

Medical Negligence Compensation Claims Process

  1. Every claim starts with a free initial assessment by phone, or in person – whichever you’d prefer.
  2. After we have established that you have a claim we will set up a No Win, No Fee funding agreement.
  3. Once your funding has been arranged, we will obtain and review your medical records.
  4. This next step is flexible depending on the strength of your claim (based on the available evidence):
    1. We prepare a Letter of Claim
    2. We obtain expert medical opinion and then prepare a Letter of Claim
    3. We prepare a Letter of Notification (in cases where there is obvious negligence by the defendant)
    4. We obtain advice from a barrister.
  5. The defendants then have four months to obtain expert medical evidence and respond to the claim.

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Get the Help You Need and Deserve

Virtually all claims are settled without needing to go to court. In our experience over 99% of claims are settled before going to court.

How Does No Win No Fee Work?

You pay nothing if you don't win your case – so there is no financial risk to you. If you win, you pay your solicitor a success fee (a percentage of the compensation you receive).

You don't need to pay any costs in advance. And you pay nothing if you lose. 

Should I Sue The NHS For Medical Negligence?

Find out more here about:

  • how much you could claim in medical negligence compensation
  • how much you have to pay your solicitors if you win your case
  • what happens if you lose your case
  • settling cases (so you don't have to go to court).

How much is your claim worth?

This estimator tool will tell you how much you could claim.


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