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Brain Injury Compensation

When medical negligence results in brain injury the effects can be devastating for the patient and their family.

The brain is incredibly sensitive to injury. In the most severe cases, trauma to the brain can lead to a wide range of symptoms. Loss of function, reduction in mobility, loss of speech and dramatic personality change are all possible – all of which can have significant impact on the quality of life for you and your family.


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Common Injuries

Whether you were treated by the NHS or privately you will be able to claim for:

  • birth injuries
  • brain aneurysm
  • brain damage
  • loss of speech
  • loss of movement
  • mismanaged infections and illness
  • memory issues
  • meningitis
  • brain injuries resulting in long-term medical care
  • strokes
  • haematoma
  • tissue damage.

Should I Make A Claim?

All surgery has risks but brain injuries caused by medical negligence can have life-changing consequences. Compensation is needed to fund long-term treatment, care and rehabilitation.

These payments should cover any financial burden suffered, ensuring the best possible level of care for the patient moving forward.

Should I Sue The NHS For Medical Negligence?

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