Medical Negligence : Surgery Compensation

Surgery Compensation

Surgical Negligence Can Be Life-Changing

Undergoing surgery causes anxiety and stress. When it goes wrong (or not “to plan”) the effects can be serious and life changing. Coles Miller understands the physical and psychological implications of botched surgery. We are on hand to help you claim compensation.

All surgery has risks but mistakes by surgeons or anaesthetists can cause serious life-changing injuries. Getting suitable compensation can provide you with the treatment, care and comfort you need during these times.

NHS And Private Hospitals

It doesn’t matter if you were treated by the NHS or at a private hospital. Both should provide the highest levels of patient care. They should be held accountable if they have failed in their obligations.

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How Long Will It Take?

Surgical compensation claims can take a long time. It varies from case to case but a reasonable estimate is two to three years. These cases can be extremely complicated and always require expert medical evidence.

The medical records, complex evidence and detailed legal arguments make it imperative that you have an experienced and fully qualified solicitor working for you every step of the way.

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