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Surrogacy, Parental Orders And Assisted Conception

Bringing A Child Into The World Is Amazing

Under UK law, the woman who gives birth is automatically the legal mother.  If she is married, her husband is the legal father. This situation can make the process of surrogacy confusing for the intended parents.

At Coles Miller we are comfortable working on behalf of parents going through surrogacy.  

We have extensive experience of parental orders and make the whole process as quick as possible.

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Do I Need A Parental Order?

Your parental order will secure your legal status as the parents under UK law and will give you peace of mind for you and your family.

Family Court

When you’re obtaining your parental order you must satisfy the court that the child’s best interests and welfare have been considered and wil be met. We walk you through this process and ensure that you are fully informed throughout.

Ensuring you’re comfortable with the whole arrangement and completing it as swiftly as possible is our number one priority.

We are experienced in dealing with cases involving domestic surrogacy arrangements in the UK and also in worldwide destinations such as the USA, India and Ukraine.

The legal position is not straightforward with regard to international surrogacy as there is no harmonisation of the laws in different countries.

If you wish to bring your child home to the UK, UK law will apply.  You will need to apply for a Parental Order in order to have you recognised as the legal parents.regardless of the legal position in the country where the child was born.

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