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Child Custody Rights and Child Welfare

Helping you put your children first

Making sure separation affects children as little as possible is difficult. We appreciate there can be complex issues involved and emotions are often charged. Ensuring the right outcome for your children can be challenging and we will support you through this.

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In a perfect world, decisions relating to where children live and the contact they have with each parent can be reached amicably.  In reality this is not always the case.  We can support you through the process and make sure the children's well-being is at the forefront.

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Mediation vs Court

Mediation is an alternative to court and can minimise some of the stress involved.

By choosing mediation you can try to avoid some of the hurt and anger that is associated with court.  When an agreement is made by mutual consent (rather than court mandated), it is much more likely that both parties will abide by the decision.

Mediation can often be cheaper and quicker than the court process.

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