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Ectopic Pregnancies

Failure to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy can cause an expectant mother an extreme amount of worry and distress. It never results in a viable pregnancy.  

Recognised Risk Factors

Ectopic pregnancies can be notoriously difficult to diagnose because the symptoms can be similar to other conditions such as gastroenteritis or appendicitis.

Did you display the early symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy?  Was your doctor aware of these symptoms? Did they consider your medical history and the following recognised risk factors?

  • Existing damage to the fallopian tubes by infection, previous surgery or a previous ectopic pregnancy
  • Abdominal surgery including an appendectomy or previous caesarean sections
  • Choice of contraception including use of a coil or the mini pill
  • Type of infertility treatment – such as IVF
  • Aged over 35
  • Smoking

Symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are most likely to occur between the fourth and 10th week of pregnancy. Your doctor should be reasonably expected to diagnose a suspected ectopic pregnancy during this time.

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