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Cycle Accident Solicitors Handling Multi-Million Pound Compensation Claims24th Jul 2014

by Adrian Cormack on 24th Jul 2014

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Some of the biggest and most distressing personal injury claims we handle are cycle accidents.Adrian Cormack Partner Coles Miller

In the worst cases, victims sustain life-changing head and brain injuries.

It goes without saying that most cycling accidents involve other vehicles (usually cars). These new statistics from BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat speak volumes:

  • 109 cyclists died on UK roads last year – and more than 3,000 were seriously injured
  • 148 people were charged with killing a cyclist in the last seven years – but only 44 per cent of those guilty went to prison (the average jail term was two years)
  • 26 per cent of motorists involved in cycle accidents escaped a driving ban.

Many of the multi-million pound brain injury claims handled by Coles Miller Partner Adrian Cormack have been from cyclists.

Adrian – a UK Legal 500 Recommended Lawyer who leads our team of road accident solicitors – was himself the victim of a cycle accident some years ago in Lilliput, Poole.

He was riding to work when a mum on the school run decided to drive across his cycle lane without warning.

Adrian escaped the crash with chipped teeth (although most cycle accidents we handle involve broken bones). His cycle helmet saved him from more serious injuries.

Cycle helmets are not a panacea. They will not make you indestructible and should never be a reason to ride more quickly or with less caution.

But in the right circumstances they can save your life. So always wear one when riding.

Also, if you have a cycle accident and were not wearing a helmet, your compensation could be reduced by 25 per cent (if the insurers can prove this contributed to the severity of the injuries).

To find out more about claiming compensation following a cycle accident, contact Adrian Cormack, 01202 673011.

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