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Cycling Accidents: Please Take Care On The Roads5th May 2016

by Adrian Cormack on 5th May 2016

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An Aston Martin driver hits a family of three cyclists in the New Forest. All three – including a 14-year-old girl – suffer serious injuries including broken bones.

In a separate incident, a driver who had been drinking knocks a cyclist off his bike in Bournemouth. The rider suffers brain and shoulder injuries.personal injury solicitor Adrian Cormack of Coles Miller, Poole

The actions of careless or intoxicated drivers can cause terrible injuries to vulnerable cyclists who have little protection on our busy roads.

Cycling injury claims tend to increase in winter when long dark nights and poor weather make riding particularly hazardous. But these accidents can happen at any time.

Now spring is here, many fair-weather cyclists are dusting off their bikes. And when summer comes, some may be tempted to forget their helmets and high vis vests as temperatures rise.

Please don’t. Please stay safe. Don’t assume drivers can see you just because it’s sunny. Bright clothing is no substitute for a high vis vest (and reflective strips are essential for riding at night).

Britain is not like bike-friendly Amsterdam city centre where riders enjoy superb cycle lanes separated from cars and vans by their own dedicated kerbs (not just a white line).

The UK’s basic cycle lanes are a start but it’ll take more than painted lines to protect cyclists from careless drivers.

Again we say, please be careful when out cycling. And drivers, please take the time to look out for cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.

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