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Divorce Costs Set To Rise - Unless You're Quick

Posted on Tuesday 1st March 2016 by Richard Perrins

Divorce (like marriage) should never be a rushed decision. Divorce in haste, repent at leisure.

But neither should one dawdle. Especially not when the cost of a divorce petition is rising from £410 to £550 in April.Broadstone divorce solicitor Richard Perrins of Coles Miller

File your petition in March and you will save £140. That doesn’t sound much. Not when you consider the stakes. But why pay more?

As divorce solicitors, we’re not happy the government is imposing a 34 per cent price increase on our clients.

The government played its usual trick: saying it would raise the cost to £750 then dropping it to £550 after consultation. Presumably in the hope we should all feel relieved/grateful.

They’re not fooling anyone: a 34 per cent hike is still 113 times the rate of inflation.

To add insult to injury, the government’s new divorce centres are taking longer to process the paperwork. It’s ironic – they were meant to speed things up.

But scratch the surface and there’s a deeper underlying problem: the added cost could dissuade people from getting divorced.

We believe this because more people are already having to represent themselves in court. They have little choice – Legal Aid is generally no longer available for divorce and the connected financial and children issues.

So some people will end up trapped in unhappy marriages. Others will separate informally without bothering to divorce.

In both instances they could miss out on all the vital knowledge an experienced divorce solicitor can bring to the process.

We work on divorces day in, day out – so we know what works and what doesn’t. We know what will make your life easier and what could be a pitfall for the unwary.

Most importantly, we know the impact of separation and divorce on children – and how simple compromises will make their lives (and yours) much less stressful.

For expert advice on divorce and separation, contact Coles Miller family law solicitor Richard Perrins, 01202 355698.

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