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Family Dispute Resolution Week Puts Children First26th Nov 2014

It is a disturbing report that tells us what we already knew – that divorce can seriously damage the lives of the children involved.Richard Perrins Partner Coles Miller

But no matter how sadly familiar, the details were still shocking according to the report: children of divorcing parents are more likely to fail exams, take drugs, drink heavily, get into trouble at school and play truant.

The findings emerged in a survey of 502 14-22-year-olds for Family Dispute Resolution Week (November 24-28).

This is the third such week to be organised by Resolution, the family law association that includes solicitors and legal executives from Coles Miller.

So what is the answer? How can we mitigate the impact of separation and divorce on the children?

Part of the answer lies in one word: mediation – an extremely effective way of reducing the conflict, shortening the process and making it much less damaging.

Mediation is now so enshrined in family law that it must be considered at every critical point in court proceedings. And rightly so. It works.

But despite all the publicity, not everyone knows about it.

An increasing number of people going through the family courts are litigants in person. They are forced to represent themselves because they cannot afford a lawyer and Legal Aid has been withdrawn.

Consequently, they are not always aware of mediation and how much time, money and pain it can save them.

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