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Family Law solicitors dealing with Prenuptial / Financial agreement issues in Dorset

For many couples who are contemplating cohabitation or marriage a document to regularise the position on any later separation or divorce is ideal. We offer advice on the relevance of cohabitation and pre-nuptial agreements as well as drafting and advising upon them.

FAQs - Prenuptial/ Financial agreements

When is the right time for an agreement?
Agreements can be made prior to a marriage (pre-nuptial agreement) and after marriage (post-nuptial agreement). Couples planning to live together but not marry can have a cohabitation agreement which is a comparable document. In general prenuptial agreements should be prepared and completed no less than three months prior to the marriage.
Are the agreements binding?
Agreements considered by the Courts in England and Wales where there are divorce proceedings are not absolutely binding. The Court will take their existence into account and can uphold their terms where to do so is fair and reasonable. Cohabitation agreements are regarded as good evidence of the parties' intentions and can be relevant in later proceedings as such.
How long does it take to get an agreement drawn up?
Generally where the terms are agreed in advance it takes 2-4 weeks to have an agreement prepared and signed by the parties.
How much does an agreement cost?
We are pleased to be able to offer our Clients the option of a fixed price cohabitation or marital financial agreement, subject to the size and type of assets involved.
Is legal advice required for both parties?
It is preferable for both parties to have their own independent legal advice in this type of case, as legal advice contributes to the binding nature of the agreement.
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