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Serious Injury Claims Calculator


What Could My Personal Injury Compensation Claim Be Worth?

If you’ve experienced a personal injury due to somebody else’s negligence, you may be left battling mounting costs as a result.

Perhaps you’re unable to work, need access to specialist treatment, or must purchase expensive medical equipment to help you manage your injury. Paying out of your own pocket can be an unfair struggle when the accident was not your fault.

You deserve compensation from those responsible to help you manage these costs.

Use our claims calculator below to work out how much compensation you could be entitled to.

What is Personal Injury?

‘Personal injury’ is the legal term for an illness or injury that was caused, or made worse, by somebody else’s negligence.

We help people to claim the compensation they deserve. And we want to help you too.

How Will My Personal Injury Compensation Be Calculated?

Our claims calculator offers a guide for how much your claim may be worth. This is based on many variables which could see the value of your claim increase when you speak to one of our solicitors.

Your compensation will be calculated by adding together:

  • General damages - awarded for pain, suffering and loss of amenity (PSLA)
  • Special damages - awarded for any financial losses or costs you have incurred.

General damages are calculated based on the type of injury or illness you have sustained, as well as the severity.

Pain, suffering and loss of amenity can be difficult to measure, but our solicitors use extremely reliable methods to ensure that we get this right. We want you to be able to claim all that you are entitled to.

There are judicial guidelines in place which will determine how much compensation can be claimed for general damages. In addition, previous cases relating to similar injuries will reveal realistic figures.

Special damages are awarded for any financial losses and expenses you have incurred as a result of your injury. The aim is to restore your financial position to what it would have been if the accident had never happened.

Often known as 'out of pocket expenses', this doesn’t just cover the financial turmoil you have experienced to date. It will cover the related expenses you may experience in the future, too.

This includes:

Loss of earnings, current and future

Did your injury leave you unable to work?

Perhaps you had to work less hours as a result of the pain you were in – or find a different job that was easier to manage, with lower pay.

Maybe your injuries are so severe that you can never work again.

You deserve compensation for how this has affected your quality of life. We will help you to achieve this.

Treatment, rehabilitation, and care costs

In order to make the best recovery after your accident, you may need to access specialist treatment from a private health service. Money should not be a barrier to accessing the care you need, which is why we take this into account when calculating your compensation.

Similarly, your injury may mean you are unable to care for yourself. In these circumstances, you may need to pay for a carer – possibly for the rest of your life. Your claim should ensure that you always have access to the support you need, allowing you to pay for a carer or obtain care from a friend or family member.

Aids, equipment, and adaptations

After an injury, you may find that you need expensive tools to help you live your day-to-day life – such as a wheelchair, stairlift, or grab rails in your bathroom.

You shouldn’t be left out of pocket by these needs. They’re essential and will form part of your compensation amount.

Loss of property

Did you lose or damage some of your personal property during your accident? Perhaps your car was written off, clothes ruined, or mobile phone smashed. We’ll help you claim back your losses for these, too.

Travel expenses

Your injury may have caused you numerous difficulties in regard to travel.

Perhaps you can no longer drive because it’s painful (or impossible) to do so safely. Maybe you were never a driver, but your numerous trips to access medical help has resulted in sky-high taxi costs.

If it weren’t for somebody else’s negligence, you wouldn’t have needed to travel in this way – so why should the bill be your responsibility?

We’ll make sure this is fairly covered by your claim.


Compensation Explained

When you pursue a claim with Coles Miller, you can be confident that you are working with the very best legal advisers.

Our experienced team of personal injury solicitors includes members of the Law Society's Personal Injury Panel and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers [APIL].

Seek Compensation With No Win, No Fee Protection

Coles Miller runs virtually all personal injury or medical negligence cases on a No Win No Fee basis.

There is nothing to pay if the claim fails. In the likely event that your claim succeeds, you will pay us a limited success fee. This means that you are fully protected against any liability for costs on either side.

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Has an injury left you with additional financial burdens or damaged your quality of life? Was somebody else responsible for the accident that caused your injury?

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