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Taxi Claims

Taxi Accident Compensation Claims

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Statistics show that taxi drivers are seldom the cause of road traffic collisions but are more often on the receiving end of someone else's poor driving.

The difference between the two parties is that the taxi driver needs their car on the road to keep earning a living – but the person who caused the collision can often carry on working while their vehicle is being repaired.


Get the Help You Need and Deserve

We offer the following service at no cost to you:

  • the recovery of any lost earnings
  • the recovery of any additional financial loss
  • personal injury compensation
  • free legal advice
  • management of all paperwork and correspondence

Your insurance company may suggest that you use their in-house claims management company but you are not obliged to do so. Often insurance companies are unable to provide the very high level, specific and local service that you will need. Often by the time the insurance company's claims management service has found a suitable vehicle, had it locally tested, licensed and metered, you have lost a week's fares.

Taxis and minicabs present a notably convenient alternative to public transportation. Clients understandably hold a reasonable level of service in high regard, and taxi operators conscientiously endeavor to meet these expectations. Nonetheless, the occurrence of accidents cannot be entirely ruled out, often resulting from the negligence of another party—be it an external driver or the taxi operator themselves.

Should the unfortunate circumstances arise wherein you necessitate pursuing a claim for a taxi passenger accident or seeking compensation as a taxi driver, our distinguished legal team stands poised to provide unwavering support throughout the entirety of the claims procedure. Our adept solicitors will offer comprehensive guidance from the inception to the conclusion of your case, maintaining close communication to ensure you are consistently apprised of any developments. Our overarching objective is to mitigate the stress associated with this process, rendering it as seamless as feasible for you.

Get the Help You Need and Deserve

How can we help with your Personal Injury claim:

  • Speak to a personal injury solicitor from day one
  • Free no obligation first meeting
  • No win, no fee 
  • Experienced team of Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence solicitors
  • We win 99% of the claims we take on
  • Law Society Accredited
  • 24 hour helpline - call 01202 355695
  • Millions of pounds recovered in compensation for clients over the years
  • National Coverage

Injury Claim

In instances where you have sustained an injury due to the heedless actions of a third party whilst inside a taxi, you may possess a legitimate entitlement to initiate a claim in order to secure redress for any incurred injuries. Such recourse can not only facilitate your recovery journey but also alleviate the financial burden stemming from out-of-pocket expenditures following the incident. These encompass:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost income due to time off work
  • Replacement of damaged personal belongings
  • Compensation for care or assistance provided by acquaintances or loved ones

Taxi Accidents

Whether impacting passengers or drivers, mandate a claim for compensation in instances where the accident is precipitated by another party, resulting in injury. Coles Miller Solicitors takes pride in fielding a specialized unit committed to addressing road traffic incidents spanning a spectrum of injury severities, from minor discomfort to intricate and catastrophic harm. We extend our expertise to facilitate your taxi accident claim.

With years of experience in this domain, we comprehend that not all accidents are attributable to vehicular collisions. We are well-versed in the requisites for expeditious and efficient handling of your taxi accident claim, always upholding your best interests.

Guidance for Passengers Initiating a Taxi Accident Claim

If you find yourself a passenger caught in a taxi accident that leads to injury, after ensuring your safety and receiving necessary medical attention, there are certain steps you can take to bolster your claim—either on-site or in the immediate aftermath. These measures encompass:

  • Documenting license plate numbers of all involved vehicles, as well as the taxi driver's operating license
  • Collecting contact details of parties involved in the incident
  • Gathering contact information of any witnesses present during the occurrence
  • Capturing photographs of the accident scene • Creating a schematic representation to elucidate the accident's mechanics

As a passenger, you are legally exempted from control over the vehicle and thus absolved from fault in the event of a road collision involving the taxi you are occupying. It is, however, imperative to consistently wear your seatbelt during taxi journeys to mitigate potential injury risks in case of an accident.

For taxi operators, the implications of an accident and resultant injury are not merely inconvenient but can profoundly affect one's livelihood. Engaging in a claim process, therefore, holds paramount significance, as a compensation award can provide indispensable support for periods of work absence, fund cab repairs, and offer reparation for sustained injuries.

Rest assured, our team shall extend utmost respect and consideration throughout your experience, guaranteeing that the claims procedure is streamlined, devoid of stress, and unburdened by complications.

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