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What is No Win, No Fee?

Enduring an injury that is caused by somebody else’s negligence is distressing. Not only must you battle the physical pain associated with your injury, but it could also impact your ability to work, to care for those who depend on you or even to care for yourself.

You could be entitled to compensation to help you navigate the challenges associated with how this injury has affected your life. However, the process can seem daunting – especially if you aren’t sure of the costs involved.

Coles Miller is here to help you receive the compensation that you deserve, with a No Win No Fee arrangement so there is nothing to pay in the unlikely event of your case being unsuccessful.

What is ‘No Win, No Fee’?

Coles Miller runs virtually all personal injury or medical negligence cases on a No Win No Fee basis.

No Win No Fee is also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA. You pay us a limited success fee, only if your claim succeeds, so you are fully protected against any liability for costs on either side. There is nothing to pay if a claim fails.

Your solicitor will need to be satisfied that your claim has reasonable prospects of succeeding before accepting your case. If we take on your case, you have a very good chance of winning.  

Your Coles Miller lawyer can assess the viability of your claim right from the very start of the process. This prevents you from enduring the time and stress that would come from pursuing a claim that is unlikely to succeed.

What Kind Of Claims Does No Win, No Fee Cover?

No Win No Fee can be used for all forms of personal injury claims.

However, someone else must be responsible for your injury in order for you to claim compensation from them (or their insurers).

How Is the Cost Of A No Win, No Fee Claim Covered?

When we start work on your claim, you are not be expected to pay any upfront costs at all.

In return for the solicitor taking the risk of the claim failing and recovering no costs, you will be expected to pay a ‘success fee’ if you win the case.

The success fee is usually capped at the lower of the actual costs or a maximum of 25% of the damages awarded for injuries and past losses. Your solicitor could agree to a lower success fee if you have a very good chance of winning your case.

The success fee is payable to the solicitor from your damages on conclusion of a successful case.

We will cover the risk of a claim resulting in no pay-out. As part of this arrangement, we will take out an After the Event (ATE) insurance policy which will indemnify you in respect of certain disbursements such as:

  • medical experts’ fees
  • court fees
  • adverse costs.

If ATE insurance is taken out, you will be liable to pay a limited proportion of the insurance premium from your damages if your claim succeeds. The premium is usually written off if the claim fails. This mitigates the financial risk to you.

What Happens If My No Win, No Fee Claim Succeeds?

If you win your case, the major portion of your legal costs will be recovered from the other party.

Your contribution to costs will be limited to the success fee and the limited element of the ATE premium that cannot be recovered from the other party.

What Happens If My No Win, No Fee Claim Is Unsuccessful

If your claim is unsuccessful, we do not expect you to pay any costs.

Some law firms may ask that you pay some or all of the court fees, experts’ charges and other miscellaneous expenses. We do not.

Does Coles Miller Have Previous Examples Of Success?

We have helped many people claim the compensation they deserve.

For one client, negligent treatment during their birth had led to severe brain damage.

This resulted in multiple cognitive and related impairments, including behavioural challenges, motor and visual impairments, as well as epilepsy. This consequently meant that the client required lifelong care.

We were able to secure £14,000,000 compensation for our client.

Why Choose Coles Miller For A No Win, No Fee Claim

  • Speak to a personal injury lawyer from day one
  • Free no obligation first meeting
  • Experienced team of personal injury and medical negligence solicitors
  • Law Society accredited
  • 24-hour helpline -- call 01202 355695
  • Millions of pounds recovered in compensation for clients over the years
  • Nationwide coverage.

How can we help with your Personal Injury claim:

  • Speak to a personal injury solicitor from day one
  • Free no obligation first meeting
  • No win, no fee 
  • Experienced team of Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence solicitors
  • We win 99% of the claims we take on
  • Law Society Accredited
  • 24 hour helpline - call 01202 355695
  • Millions of pounds recovered in compensation for clients over the years
  • National Coverage

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