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Spinal Injury Claims

Spinal Injury ‘No Win No Fee’ Compensation Claims

Spinal injuries are among the most serious compensation claims handled by Coles Miller’s specialist Personal Injury team.

Claims can result in multi-million pound damages payouts for accident victims who have been paralysed. They can be left needing specialist care and unable to work.

Other claims can involve supposedly minor back injuries which can still have a significant impact on the victim’s quality of life and their ability to work.

We handle cases from all over the UK and can visit you at home or in hospital.

Causes of Spinal Injuries

One of the largest causes of spinal injuries is motorcycle accidents. Find out more here.

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to injury compared with other road users. The levels of injury they suffer are usually higher than those of cyclists because of the speed factor.

Falls from height are another major cause of serious spinal injuries. Victims are typically roofers, scaffolders, bricklayers, installers and other tradespeople who use ladders or a daily basis.

Even the simplest injuries can still result in time off work with loss of earnings. Victims - many of them self-employed - also need compensation to pay for their treatment, care and rehabilitation.

Claiming Compensation - No Win No Fee

Coles Miller has a high success rate because we are experts in this specialist field of law. We are recommended in the UK Legal 500 guide to solicitors and have a very high success rate.

Our lawyers will handle your compensation claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis - so you would pay nothing in the highly unlikely event of your claim being unsuccessful.

  • If you win, you may have to pay your solicitor a limited success fee/capped at 25% of the compensation for general damages and past losses.
  • If you lose, you pay us and the other side nothing as long as you have been honest.

Types Of Spinal Injuries

How badly the injury impacts on the victim’s life depends on how high up the spine the damage occurs. The higher up the spine, the greater the possible injuries.

These are the different areas of the spine, in descending order:

High cervical nerves (C1 to C4) are at the top of the spine. This is the most serious form of spinal injury. Victims can be left unable to move their arms and legs or even breathe.  They will need round-the-clock care.

Low cervical nerve (C5-C8) injuries can result in paralysis of the arms, hands and legs; breathing difficulties; loss of bladder and bowel control. Victims may be able to use a powered wheelchair.

Thoracic nerve (T1-T12) injuries can result in paraplegia (paralysis of the hips and legs). Victims may be able to move their hands and arms, use a manual wheelchair or walking frame and drive a modified car.

Lumbar nerve (L1-L5) injuries will involve some loss of ability to use the hips and legs. Bladder and bowel control will still be impeded. Victims may be able to walk with leg braces.

Sacral nerves (S1-S5) are at the base of the spine. Injuries here generally leave the victim with some ability to walk. They will have limited control of their bladder and bowel but can still remain independent.

£3.4m Compensation For Victim Paralysed After Falling Through Glass Lift

A lift engineer paralysed after falling through a glass lift gained £3.4 million compensation with the help of Coles Miller Solicitors.

He suffered severe and permanent spinal injuries – complete paraplegia, including:

  • total loss of sensation in the lower abdomen, pelvis and legs
  • total paralysis in the lower abdomen and legs
  • impaired breathing complications.

Discover how Coles Miller helped him to claim £3.4 million.

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